White Polka Dot Polo Shirt Mens Fashion Inspiration

polo shirt with polka dots

In 1920, Lewis Lacey, a Canadian born of English parents in Montreal, Quebec, in 1887,haberdasher and polo player, began producing a shirt that was embroidered with an emblem of a polo player, a design originated at the Hurlingham Polo Club near Buenos Aires.
The definition of the uniform of polo players – the polo shirt and a pair of white trousers – is actually a fairly recent addition to the sport. Until the 1940s shirts were generally very plain, with no numbers, writing or logos. When necessary, numbers (ranging from 1 – 4) were simply pinned on to the back of the player’s shirts a few minutes before the start of a match.
To differentiate the polo teams from one another, some polo shirts had horizontal stripes, others bore diagonal coloured stripes.

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